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Head-Quartered in Johor Bahru, Malaysia; VERSA MANUFACTURING has also set up a new plant in Sungai Petani, FLEXI ACOUSTICS  also has 2 plants in Johor Bahru and Jitra Kedah respectively.
This regional presence provides timely design, engineering and manufacturing solutions that are combined with extensive logistics services, vertically integrated with components supplied by the FLEXI GROUP and other business partners to optimize operations by lowering costs and reducing time to market.

Injection-Molding & Secondary Processes

VERSA MANUFACTURING houses molding machines from 50 tons to 650 tons to cater to the extensive tonnage needs of our OEM/ODM customers. Our machines come fully equipped with auto loaders, conveyors as well as robotic arms. Most machines also come with multiple core sequences to cater to the diversified and complex requirements.    
Injection Moulding Machines
Ser Tonnage Ser Tonnage Ser Tonnage
1- 650T 8- 220T 15- 110T
2- 600T 9- 200T 16- 100T
3- 480T 10- 180T 17- 90T
4- 450T 11- 150T 18- 80T
5- 380T 12- 140T 19- 75T
6- 360T 13- 130T 20- 50T
7- 280T 14- 120T    
We are also equipped with in-house tool room facilities that complement the plastic moulding with e all the necessary supporting roles by minimizing unpredicted breakdowns. Our specialization such as tool maintenance and servicing, but not limited to, integrates the moulding seamlessly without causing a hassle to the customers.   We are also equipped with a complete spectrum of secondary and finishing process solutions like 100K Clean Room Spraying, Hot Stamping, Printing, Laser Etching, UV glue applications and Heat Induction for Metal and Fabric etc.
  In-House Tooling Maintenance Facilities  
  Ser Type of Facilities  
  1- Grinding Machine  
  2- Drilling Machine  
  3- Troop Milling  
  4- Starmill Milling  
  5- EDM Machine  
  6- Cap Bed Lathe Machine  
  7- Tig Argon  
  8- Welding Machine  
  9- Mirror Polishing  
  Finishing Capabilities
  Ser Type of Facilities  
  1- Automated Spraying (100k)  
  2- Manual Spraying  
  3- Heat Induction  
  4- Hot Stamping  
  5- Tempo Printing  
  6- Auto Silk Screening  
  7- Laser Marking / Etching  

Wood-Working Set-Up

We pride ourselves by having a comprehensive wood-working set-up that includes high tech machines for laminating, V-cut, CNC-cut, edge-banding and other ancillary equipment. In addition, we play a pivotal role in keeping not only the working environment clean but the external environment just as well by investing in the state-of-the-art “cyclone” exhaust systems to ensure saw dust emission is kept to the minimum.
Wood Works Machinery
Ser Type of Machine Ser Type of Machine Ser Type of Machine
1- Holiz-Her Edge Bander 9- Widebelt Sander 17- Sliding Head Router
2- Cutting & Grooving (Vertical) 10- Table Saw 18- CNC Router
3- V-cut (8-motor head) 11- Double End Rail Meter Saw 19- Single Sided Automatic Edge Bander
4- V-cut (12-motor head) 12- Multiple Drilling 20- Auto Copied Sharpening
5- V-cut (16-motor head) 13- Cyclone System 21- 6-headed Tenoner
6- V-cut (20-motor head) 14- L Shaped Tenonor 22- Roller Type Coating
7- V-cut (24-motor head) 15- Arm Saw 23- Profile Sander
8- Lamination 16- Panel Saw 24- Profile Wrapping
On the supply side, VERSA MANUFACTURING ensures that wood resources are procured only through environmentally responsible suppliers who pledged to renew resources through replantation and minimize undesirable emission by complying strictly to the stringent world renowned environmental control mechanisms such as TCA/TCSA.


The total supply chain solution of the group is further strengthened by the synergistic partnering of PCB & Amplifier expertise to meet the EMS requirement. From scratch to product realization, we transform your ideas into high quality cost-effective turnkey solution embedded with our quality designs.

Production Lines

  Final Assembly Lines  
  Ser Type of Lines Capability  
  1- 38 mtr Assembly Line Specialized in Subwoofer and speaker for Mini Components  
  2- 38 mtr Assembly Line Specialized in Surround Speaker  
  3- 38 mtr Assembly Line Specialized in Soundbar  
  4- 45 mtr Assembly Line Specialized in Hi-Fi Speaker / Professional Speaker  
  5- 45 mtr Assembly Line Specialized in Big Size Speaker  
The development and operations of our 17 production lines are readily customized to our OEM customers’ requirements. Our experiences, expertise and craftsmanship allow us to demonstrate that we are able to produce parts not only with product reliability, but also high quality coupled with productivity and efficiency. Our industrial and process engineers relentlessly work with our operators and line supervisors to spot areas to improve, line balancing and actively practice Preventive Failure Mode Evaluation Analysis (PFMEA) to achieve our performance requirements.  

About Flexi Versa Group
FVG (Flexi Versa Group) is a leading, Southeast Asian contract manufacturer that caters to leading global consumer electronics brands, specifically as a turnkey and components manufacturer focusing on the audio and consumer appliances segment.
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